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The Los Padres Football Officials Association (LPFOA), as a unit member of the California Football Officials Association (CFOA), provides a standard Recertification Training Program for Returning Officials.

Recertifying Officials will be required to attend eight (8) Training Classes which meet Tuesday nights over a twelve (12) week period from mid-July through mid-October.  Training includes Classroom as well as On-Field instruction.  Starting in your first Training Class and going up to your first high school game in August, you will have many opportunities for On-Field Training.  Veteran Officials will be your instructors for both Classroom and On-Field Training Classes.

Returning Officials require eighteen (18) hours of instruction to meet California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) Recertification standards. 

In the event that you are unable to attend one or more meetings and instructional hours are missed, the Recertifying Official will be responsible for coordinating with the Instructional Team who will then coordinate with your Area Representative to make up the required hours.

2024 Los Padres Football Officials Association – Recertifying Officials Training Class Schedule

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